Resume Verification & Background Screening
Before you Hire, Verify


We know quite a bit about background screening and conduct workshops to better inform others. Here are examples of seminars that we conduct:

Your Brand, Your Rights, and Your Job Search

Overview: Your BRAND is the image presented to the public - including employers. This presentation will explain how to manage your online presence with regard to the job search, how your brand relates to background screening, how to answer sensitive questions, and your rights as a candidate.

Job / Internship Seeker Rights and Preparing for the Background Check

Overview: Most companies conduct background screenings as part of the hiring process. This presentation will explain what is involved, how to prepare, what questions to ask and what you can do to help ensure that you "pass".

Protecting Your Company Against Credentials Fraud (approved for 1 HRCI re-certification credit)

Overview: The hiring landscape has dramatically changed with the increased use of online tools for finding employees and service providers. This also means that the ways in which people deceive have changed. This presentation will provide insight to the methods that people use to defraud and the ways in which you can protect your organization from the cost of hiring unqualified resources.