Resume Verification & Background Screening
Before you Hire, Verify

Verify-ED Staffing Software

Verify-ED Hire recruitment business software is a web-based application for end-to end recruitment management for both temp and perm placements. Our platform integrates recruiters, sales managers, candidates and consultants into one easy to use system that saves our customers valuable time. The core components of the platform provide Client & Sales Management, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Resume Parsing, an Assessment System, Outlook Integration, internal Employee Management and EEOC/OFCCP Compliance Report Generation.

Quantifiable Benefits

» Successful placements
» Employee productivity
» Client satisfaction
» Diversified talent sourcing
» Brand building
» Recruitment time
» Wrong candidate submission
» Data entry work
» Duplicate calls and emails
» Resume search time
» Communication among employees, managers, candidates, clients and senior management